In 2012, Michigan lawmakers overhauled the corporate tax structure and introduced the Michigan Corporate Income Tax (CIT). Key provisions of this reform created a flat 6% net income tax, eliminated the Gross Receipts Tax (GRT), and a broadened tax base by eliminating tax preferences.

Local Taxes

  • Local Sales Tax – N/A
  • Real Property Tax Rates – Varies by local community millage rates



State Taxes

  • Corporate Income Tax (Applies to C Corporations only) – 6.00%
  • Pass-through entities like S corps, LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietors pay tax on business income under the personal income tax
  • General Sales Tax – 6.00%
  • Michigan Personal Property Tax Reforms allows a phase-out of business personal property taxes for manufacturers.

For more information please go to: Michigan Corporate Income Tax

Other Factors Affecting the State's Tax and Business Climate

Michigan’s economic recovery has been strong. Several legislative amendments focused on creating an environment to increase investment and job creation. Significant actions include:

  • Right-to-work legislation for Michigan’s private and public sectors went into effect in 2013
  • Phase out of Personal Property Tax


State Tax Summary


Tax Rate

Corporate Income Tax     


Personal Income Tax


Michigan Property Tax (Industrial Businesses)

Cut by 65%

Michigan Property Taxes (Commercial Businesses)

Cut by 23%

General Sales Tax


Inventory Tax


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