Muskegon Business Resource Team (BRT)

The Muskegon BRT is a FREE business outreach program comprised of local, regional, and state organizations that educate and counsel at every stage of growth. These organizations provide programming, incentives, and referrals to help businesses start, grow, and stay in Muskegon County. This one-stop source offers easy access to the services and connections needed to run your business effectively, efficiently, and profitably!

Business Resource Team Contact Email Phone
Jerry Hill 616-494-8835
Dave Alexander 231-722-3751
Lisa Sabourin 231-759-0916
Kevin Ricco 616-331-6900
Karen Benson 616-458-3404
Bill Kratz 616-771-0304
Sasamon Parker 231-767-3600
Morgan Carroll 231-286-9497
Cyndi Langlois 231-777-0456
Dawn Johnson 231-722-3751
Pam Poort 231-722-7700
Ed Garner 616-331-7480
Howard Meade 231-722-3751
Laurie Supinski 231-250-2845
Jared Schuitema 231-724-6381
Amy L. VanLoon 231-893-4585