Training and Events

The Muskegon Area First PTAC staff believes that ongoing training is critical to keep you informed of the latest procurement practices and opportunities, as well as to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and meet others with similar interests. With that in mind, please check out our training and event schedules.

PTAC & Resource Partners' Training Schedules



 November 1, 2018         12-4 p.m.   Board Room

Pt 1 - Analyzing Your Cyber Compliance

Pt 2 - Simplifying Cyber Compliance NIST 800-171

Join this webinar about the unique cybersecurity requirements for government and defense contractors as we discuss CUI, the audit and survey process, the costs of non-compliance, and compliance strategies.


November 8, 2018         1-3:30 p.m.   Board Room

How to PROPERLY Setup and Update Your SAM.GOV Profile

You will learn best practices and tips to ensure your profile is optimized for highest visibility by federal buyers as well as prime contractors who may be looking for vendors like you.


November 29, 2018       12-3 p.m.     Board Room

Mighty Micro-Purchase; the Sole Source Super Power

In this webinar, you will learn how a Federal buyer can purchase up to $10,000 from you immediately.
Not just products, but services, too!


December 6, 2018         12-4 p.m.   Board Room

Pt 1 – How to Differentiate & Communicate Value: Qualitative, Quantitative 

Pt2 – Interactive Session

Unlike most webinars, this is more than a general or abstract discussion. We will focus on metrics you can use to improve how you describe your company and the solutions you provide.


December 13, 2018       12-3 p.m.   Board Room

How to Effectively Take Advantage of Your Socio-Economic Status – It’s Not What You Think

In this webinar, you will learn real-world techniques, strategies, and examples of how to “softly” and “effectively” communicate your status, differentiate from the competition and facilitate a perception of corporate maturity.


January 10, 2019          12-3 p.m.   Board Room

The Top 10 Mistakes in Federal Contracting

This course will cover the top ten most common mistakes federal government contractors make and how to identify, avoid and mitigate each mistake.


January 24, 2019          12-3 p.m.   Board Room

Introduction to Firm Fixed Price Contracts

In this webcast, seasoned government contracting veteran Mr. Joseph Moore will discuss the pros and cons of firm fixed price contracts from the perspective of the Government and the Contractor. 


January 31, 2019          12-4 p.m.   Board Room

Solving Post-Award Problems through Change Orders, REAs, and Claims

You’ve secured your Federal contract award, but what comes next? As any Federal contractor will tell you, the contract award is only the beginning — performance presents a whole new series of challenges.


February 7, 2019           12-2:30 p.m.   Board Room

(Pt1 Rules & Regulations) Success through a Compliant Winning Team (3-Part Series)

In this webcast, Steven Koprince unpacks the unique rules and regulations governing joint venturing and teaming, and offers strategies to help ensure compliance.


February 14, 2019         12-2:30 p.m.   Board Room

(Pt 2 Effective Compliant Agreements) Success through a Compliant Winning Team (3-Part Series)

In webcast 2, Steven Koprince goes beyond the regulations to discuss requirements and best practices for creating strong and effective teaming agreements, subcontract agreements, and joint venture agreements.


February 28, 201912-2:30 p.m.   Board Room

(Pt 3 Leveraging the Power of Mentor Protégé Programs) Success through a Compliant Winning Team (3-Part Series)

In this last webcast, Steven Koprince discusses how to leverage the power of federal mentor-protégé programs (including the SBA’s “universal” mentor-protégé program) while staying on the right side of the law.


 For additional information or assistance registering, please contact Shelia Polacco at 231-724-3187 or email her at